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No BGG existe mais um dos famosos passatempos de Giveaway . Desta vez o prémio é o Ticket to Ride: Switzerland. Passem pela url a ver se vem qq coisa p'rós Tugas (eu por mim não me posso queixar!!). Para quem possa precisar de ajuda aqui ficam as minhas respostas:

Ticket to Ride Swiss Map Expansion Giveaway Contest - Answers
Question 1: The tallest mountain in Switzerland is...
The correct answer is: D - None of the above. While not the most famous, Monte Rosa or "Dufourspitze" at 4634 meters (15,203 feet) is the tallest peak in Switzerland.
Your answer was Correct.

Question 2: The number of complete versions in the Ticket to Ride series released in North America is...
The correct answer is: C - 3. Ticket to Ride (2004), Ticket to Ride Europe (2005) and Ticket to Ride Marklin (2006).
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Question 3: The official languages of Switzerland...
The correct answer is: C - French, German, Italian and Romansh (an ancient Latin-based language spoken in several dialects by less than 1% of the Swiss population).
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Question 4: Which is NOT true of the Ticket to Ride Swiss Map expansion...
The correct answer is: C - Not all the cities on the map are in Switzerland. Vaduz is located in the tiny principality of Liechtenstein on Switzerland's eastern border.
Your answer was Incorrect.

Question 5: Switzerland has not been at war since...
The correct answer is: B - 1815. At the Congress of Vienna, held at the end of the Napoleonic Wars, the European powers agreed to permanently recognize Swiss neutrality.
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You answered 4 questions correctly and your name will now be entered into the drawing 4 times to win a copy of the Ticket to Ride Swiss Map expansion. The drawing will be held Monday October 29th, with the winners announced on the same day.

Thanks for playing and Good Luck!

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Obrigado pelas dica, ehehehe.
Pode ser que tenha sorte. A tua cópia tá garantida eheheh ;)






"The only way to achieve the impossible is to believe it is possible."
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Obrigado pelo aviso... a ver se alguém traz isso cá para a Lusitânia à borlix.


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grande pombeiro!!

Obrigado pelo aviso!!

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