Memoir '44: Airpack Expansion Giveaway Trivia Contest

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Mais uma vez o BGG tem um Giveaway Contest, basta irem aqui. Será que é desta q um Tuga consegue qq coisa?

Question 1: The only country with female "Aces" during WWII was...
The correct answer is: C - Russia. The top woman ace was Lilya Litvyak who had over a dozen confirmed kills.
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Question 2: Saint-Exupéry was killed while flying a...
The correct answer is: B - Lockheed P38 Lightning. Saint-Exupéry and his modifed P38 (aka F-5) were on a reconnaisance mission in late July of 1944 when he disappeared over the Mediterranean. It wasn't until 2000 that a French scuba diver found the wreckage off the coast of Marseille.
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Question 3: Flying resupply missions to the Flying Tigers and our Chinese allies were said to be flying...
The correct answer is: C - Over the hump. In this case, the "hump" was the eastern Himalayas. In the 3 years following the closing of the Burma Road in May of '42, 100 American transport planes moved hundreds of thousands of tons of supplies "over the hump".
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Question 4: The famous American who was NOT a WWII pilot is...
The correct answer is: D - Gore Vidal (although his father was one of the first ArmyAir Corp pilots).
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Question 5: The Fieseler Storch was designed by...
The correct answer is: B - Gerhard Fieseler.
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Ganda Pombeiro. Nós tugas podemos até nunca vir a ganhar nenhum prémio nestes TriviaContests do BGG, mas graças a ti, seremos de certeza a nação com mais respostas certas, eheheheh

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"The only way to achieve the impossible is to believe it is possible."
Lewis Carroll in Alice in Wonderland

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A samurai once asked Zen Master Hakuin where he would go after he died. Hakuin answered ‘How am I supposed to know?’
‘How do you know? You’re a Zen master!’ exclaimed the samurai.
‘Yes, but not a dead one,’ Hakuin answered.

---- Behold the pain and sorrow of the world, Dream of a place away from this nightmare. Give us love and unity, under the heart of night. O Death, come near us, and give us life!

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