the Vast

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The tale of a group of adventurers around the Sea of Fallen Stars.

Retrato de jackjaques

Group B

Following the adventures of Drusilia Xiloscent, Lynnet Nathandem, Thom Dulsær, and friar Moki, at the services of the church of Oghma.

Retrato de jackjaques

Lynnet Nathandem, Aasimar Monk

Lynnet Nathandem, female aasimar Monk 1
LN Medium outsider (native) 
Init +3; Senses darkvision;  Perception +8

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This is the Year of Rogue Dragons, 1373 years after the elves of Cormanthor and the human Dalesfolk made peace and raised the Standing Stone. Counting the years from that event is called Dale Reckoning.

This is the timeline of events related to our adventures.

  • Year of the Purple Basilisk (1247 DR), Brénainn sar Brath is born in Cormanthor.
  • Year of Thunder (1306 DR), Barthorgrim is born in the Galena Mountains.
  • Year of Moonfall (1344 DR), Drusilia Xiloscent is born in the High Forest.
  • Year of the Saddle (1345 DR), Ardens Furor is born in Silverymoon.
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Itinerary // Itinerário

This is where you'll find a summary of (y)our adventures, a timeline of events and an explanation of the Calendar of Harptos.
There will also be a list of monsters you've fight against and of the treasure you've won!

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† Drusilia Xiloscent, Druid of the High Forest

Drusilia Xiloscent, female half-elf Druid 1
NG Medium humanoid (half-elf) 
Init +2; Senses low-light vision; Perception +11 (+13 in forest terrain)

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Brénainn sar Brath, Wizard Enchanter

Brénainn sar Brath, male moon elf Wizard 3
NG Medium humanoid (elf) 
Init +2; Senses low-light vision; Perception 
+4 (+7 sight-based in shadows or darkness)

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Calathra, Halfling Rogue

Calathra, female halfling Rogue 2
CN Small humanoid (halfling)

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Bogbad, Orc Ranger

Bogbad, male orc Ranger 2
NE Medium humanoid (orc) 
Init +2; Senses darkvision (60 ft.), scent (15 ft.); Perception +5 (+4if dazzled)

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Glar Bersk, Paladin of Ilmater

Glar Bersk, male human (damaran) Paladin 2
PG Medium humanoid (human) 
Init -1; Senses normal sight; Perception +2

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Barthorgrim, Dwarven Fighter

Barthorgrim, male shield dwarf Fighter 2
LG Medium humanoid (dwarf) 
Init -1; Senses darkvision; Perception +5 (+7 to notice unusual stonework)

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Ardens Furor, Cleric of Oghma

Ardens Furor, male half-elf Cleric 2
NG Medium humanoid (half-elf) 
Init +1; Senses low-light vision; Perception +6

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Characters // Personagens

This is where you'll find the stats of all your characters.
Feel free to add any stuff you want in your own thread — maybe your backstory, an adventure log, or even a wishlist of magic items...

Group A
Cleric - Ardens Furor
Enchanter - Brénainn sar Brath
Fighter - Barthorgrim
Paladin - Glar Bersk
Ranger - Bogbad
Rogue - Calathra

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the Vast

This is the book where our adventures will be told:

  • Characters

    • One thread per character

  • Itinerary

    • Adventure 1 - summary
    • Adventure 2 - summary
    • and so forth...

  • Game

    • this is where we'll actually be playing   ;)