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New Game Round-up: Madeira and ZhanGuo Return, and Expansions Galore from Plaid Hat and Fantasy Flight Games

BoardgameNews - Sexta, 20/04/2018 - 17:20

by W. Eric Martin

What's Your Game? has announced that new editions of Madeira (a 2013 title from Nuno Bizarro Sentieiro and Paulo Soledade) and ZhanGuo (a 2014 title from Marco Canetta and Stefania Niccolini) will be launched on Kickstarter "very soon", with these new editions featuring "upgraded components, new variants and expansions". The KS projects will have pledges that allow those with first editions to update their existing games.

• WYG also notes that the Kickstarter for Brasil, another Sentieiro and Soledade design, will now take place in late 2018 for release in 2019.

• Speaking of Sentieiro and Soledade, I now have details of another design of theirs: Arraial from MEBO Games, which was mentioned in passing in a Feb. 2018 post and which should be available by the end of Q2 2018, if not sooner. As for what the game is about:

"Arraial" is the name given to traditional Portuguese summer celebrations during which people take to the streets eating, drinking, and having fun in the old neighborhoods that are bedecked with arches, colorful balloons, popular music, and the aroma of sweet basil.

In the game Arraial, players try to make their neighborhood traditional event the most popular by attracting visitors to their celebration. Grab the most beautiful decorations, hire the most inspired performers, serve the most traditional delicacies, take to the streets, and host the party of the year! Arraial is a fast-paced game in which players take turns spending action points to get the best tiles (decorations, artists...) and place them on their player boards to form the perfect match and attract visitors to their party. In the end, whoever attracts the most visitors in their neighborhood wins.

• Asmodee North America has announced a huge number of expansions on its July 2018 release calendar from several of its brands and distribution partners. Leaf Clan and Feather Clan are two new expansion decks for Crystal Clans, with the former allowing you to sow losses on other units to strengthen them while the latter can have an army of airborne units.

The Spirits of Memoria and The Demons of Darmas introduce two new Phoenixborn in these expansion decks for Isaac Vega's Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn, which you can use on their own or take apart to combine cards with other decks.

Race to the New Found Land, which has been released in Germany by Hans im Glück, now has a July 2018 release date for the English-language edition from Z-Man Games.

Fantasy Flight Games has five new expansions coming for Star Wars: Imperial Assault: two ally packs, two villain packs, and Tyrants of Lothal, which contains "heroes, enemies, allies, map tiles and a six-part mini-campaign" that can be played on its own or used inside another campaign.

• FFG also plans to release eight introductory decks for the second edition of A Game of Thrones: The Card Game, with each deck containing 69 cards in a pre-constructed deck that highlight that faction's unique features. It's not clear from the sell sheets whether these decks contain new cards or a mix of previously released cards from different chapter packs, but whatever the case, they're aimed at allowing new players to jump into the game with a focus for what to do.

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