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SPIEL '17 Preview Now Live

BoardgameNews - Segunda, 21/08/2017 - 15:46

by W. Eric Martin

BoardGameGeek's SPIEL '17 Preview is now live! For those who didn't immediately leave to go look at it, a few notes about the preview:

• Currently the SPIEL '17 Preview has "only" 168 titles on it. Only. That's it.

I sent out requests for information to publishers on July 31, and in the subsequent three weeks I added some of the info I received to this preview, but not nearly as much as I had hoped to do. Work on the Gen Con 2017 Preview was the usual throw-everything-at-the-wall-at-the- late-minute experience, the internet in the Gen Con hotel was terrible, and I didn't complete nearly as many Gen Con previews as I had wanted to. Cue this convention's laments. I still have designer diaries in the queue that I had hoped/planned to publish prior to Gen Con, for example, and I apologize to those designers. You'll be hearing from me with new publication dates.

• If you are a publisher who has sent me your SPIEL '17 list, I probably have your info in my inbox. If not, it's in a folder for such things. I'll get to it. You're welcome to poke me should you care to do so.

• As I noted in my preview of the new convention preview tool, comments currently don't work. You can thumb game listings, add private notes, and tag games with a personal priority status, but you can't comment publicly on the listing itself. I'm not sure when we might have comments on the preview as I'm not the tech guy doing such things.

• Users have suggested listing the game designer above the fold, adding different printing options, and doing other things with the preview format. We have read those suggestions, and we'll figure out what we want to do over the next two months prior to SPIEL '17. I want to find some way to indicate the languages included with a particular version of a game, for example, with links to rules being a dream addition. We'll see.

As noted above, the past few weeks have been consumed with Gen Con prep, so I'm running with what I have available to me right now — especially since I promised to publish the SPIEL '17 Preview on Monday, August 21 — rather than waiting until some unknown day in the future. Act now! If needed, update later! I'm trying to do more of that, both in work and in life, and so far so good.

That's it for now. Go have a look SPIEL '17 Preview, subscribe for future additions to the list, and don't burn your eyes out staring at the sun!
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Campaign Logger New Features and Updates

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Jochen and I have had a fairly productive summer working on Campaign Logger. We hope you’ve had a chance to use the app in the past couple of months because that means you’re either gaming or prepping to game!Here’s a bit of a laundry list of what’s changed for the web app. Here’s a bit of […]

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Logan Lucky - Barney's Incorrect Five Second Reviews

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Ocean's 11 with hicks/rednecks? Hey, it's about time we see a smart movie (in this case, a heist one) with people from the South. I thought this was a real treat. I laughed a few times and was consistently surprised by several things going on. Most of which were probably Daniel Craig and Adam Driver's performances as southerners, which I really enjoyed. Katie Holmes was pretty awful though. Also, it's the most you'll ever enjoy someone getting a tetanus shot, "whatever happened to 3,2,1?!" It's just good ol'...
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Joraku Preview [video]

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