Mais concurso no BGG, desta vez de Noite & Dia

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Mais um concurso no BGG, desta vez tendo como tema o jogo Day & Night.


Vãl até lá ver se mais um tuga ganha qualquer coisa: aqui.

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Q1: The Spells in Day & Night are all in English. In which languages are the rules of the first print edition of Day & Night?
A) English with an English/German/French/Spanish/Dutch/Italian/Greek/Korean/Hungarian/Icelandic/Russian rulebook
B) English with an English/German rulebook
C) English with an English/Dutch rulebook <------------------
D) English with an English/Esperanto rulebook

Q2: What is the goal of the game?
A) To fill all the tiles with your type of tiles (Day or Night)
B) To build two Temples of your type (Day or Night) <------------------
C) To bring your opponents life total from 20 to 0
D) To create a pattern of nine of your type of tiles (Day or Night) bordering on each other

Q3: Question 3: Artist Eerin Vink made more than 40+ paintings for Day & Night. On the illustrations of the cards, you can find both the Day and Night characters a number of times. Which character can be found on more cards than the other?
Tip: You can find all the art at the BGG Day & Night page Don't forget to check illustrations where both Day and Night are present and note that it's not always Lady Day on Day illustrations
A) Day
B) Night
C) Both characters even <------------------

Q4: In the introduction of the rules Lady Day is very annoyed with Lady Night because of something Day is allergic to. What is it that Day is allergic to?
You can find the rules at the BGG Day & Night page or the official website
A) Bricks, lumber, ore, grain and wool
B) Owls <------------------
C) Cats
D) Crickets

Q5: (For this question, refer to the image to the right) Day has Mystified three Day tiles. Night already has one Temple and five more Night tiles bordering on each other, and must move quickly to get the four Night tiles needed to finish a second Temple and win the game. Is Night able to win this turn?
The image and situation was taken from Ender's excellent review.
A) Yes <------------------
B) No

You answered 4 questions correctly.

Your name will now be entered into the drawing 9 times. Winners will be announced on Oct 22.

Thanks for playing and Good Luck!



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"hay que endurecer, pero sin perder la ternura jamas!"

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"hay que endurecer, pero sin perder la ternura jamas!"

Ernesto 'Che' Guevara 1928 - 1967


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