Vencedores dos Origins Awards

Retrato de Rick Danger escreveu:

Best Historical Miniature Figure or Line - Wings of War: Albatross D. III by Nexus Editrice
Best Historical Miniature Game Rules Supplement - Flames of War: North Africa by Battlefront Miniatures, LTD.
Best Historical Miniature Game Rules - Wings of War: WWII, Deluxe Edition by Nexus Editrice, designed by Andrea Angiolino & Pier Glorgio Paglia
Best Historical Board Game - Conflict of Heroes: Storms of Steel! By Academy Games, designed by Uwe Eickert, John Hill & Dana Lombardy
Best Game-Related Book - BattleTech: 25 Years of Art & Fiction by Catalyst Game Labs, written by Randall N. Bills, Jason Schmetzer & Matt Heerdt
Best Game Accessory - Knights of the Dinner Table by Kenzer & Company, designed by Jolly R. Blackburn
Best Miniature Figure or Line - Marvel HeroClix Hammer of Thor Expansion by WizKids, designed by Eric Englehard, Kelly Bonilla, Jake Theis & James Szubski
Best Miniature Game Rules - BattleTech: Strategic Operationsby Catalyst Game Labs, designed by Herbert A. Beas II & Randall N. Bills
Best Role Playing Game Supplement - Big Damn Heroes Handbook by Margaret Weis Productions, designed by Cam Banks, Jennifer Brozek, Jim Davenport, Jason Durall, Tony Lee, Nathon Rockwood & Clark Valentine
Best Role Playing Game - Eclipse Phase by Catalyst Game Labs/Posthuman Studios, designed by Rob Boyle & Brian Cross
Best Children's, Family or Party Game - Are You The Traitor? By Looney Labs, designed by Andrew Looney
Best Traditional Card Game - Poo by Catalyst Game Labs/Labs/WildFire, LLC., designed by Matthew Grau

Best Board Game - Space Hulk by Games Workshop

Congratulations to all of the winners!

Os nomeados para melhor Boargame foram: Space Hulk, Castle Panic, Endeavor, Small World e Steam.

Os nomeados para melhor RPG foram: Eclipse Phase,  Doctor Who, A Song of Ice and Fire, Supernatural e FantasyCraft.

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Finalmente um prémio

Finalmente um prémio internacional de jeito!!

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Negating the unforeseeable is utterly unrealistic, and scrambling to deal with problems is indeed a game skill.


Sérgio Mascarenhas


Best Board Game - Space

Best Board Game - Space Hulk by Games Workshop

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Negating the unforeseeable is utterly unrealistic, and scrambling to deal with problems is indeed a game skill.

Space Hulk

Queria jogar isso de novo... Cry

~Nuno Carreira / Strilar (* Boardgamer * Roleplaygamer * Cardgamer * Onlinegamer * Geek * L5R GM *)


Firepigeon escreveu:
Finalmente um prémio internacional de jeito!!

Já agora, como ponto de referência, o prémio para melhor boardgame no ano passado foi para o Pandemic. O melhor RPG foi o Mouseguard.


Não conheço esse Eclipse

Não conheço esse Eclipse Phase, alguém sabe alguma coisa sobre ele?

"the drunks of the Red-Piss Legion refuse to be vanquished"

fase do eclipse

RedPissLegion escreveu:
Não conheço esse Eclipse Phase, alguém sabe alguma coisa sobre ele?

Nem por isso, mas tens aqui o link para o .pdf das quickstart rules, que eu ainda não li. Lembro-me que é um RPG de ficção científica transhumanista publicado com uma licença Creative Commons.



tb tinha ficado curioso de o ver aqui entao fui ler o que andava na drivethru (tenho o manual mas na tive tempo de o abrir :l)


deixo aqui a parte inicial do texto:


"Your mind is software. Program it.
Your body is a shell. Change it.
Death is a disease. Cure it.
Extinction is approaching. Fight it.

Eclipse Phase is a post-apocalyptic game of conspiracy and horror. Humanity is enhanced and improved, but also battered and bitterly divided. Technology allows the re-shaping of bodies and minds, but also creates opportunities for oppression and puts the capability for mass destruction in the hands of everyone. And other threats lurk in the devastated habitats of the Fall, dangers both familiar and alien. In this harsh setting, the players participate in a cross-faction conspiracy called Firewall that seeks to protect transhumanity from threats both internal and external. Along the way, they may find themselves hunting for prized technology in a gutted habitat falling from orbit, risking the hellish landscapes of a ruined earth, or following the trail of a terrorist through militarized stations and isolationist habitats. Players may even find themselves stepping through a Pandora Gate, a wormhole to distant stars and the alien secrets beyond. " 


Parece criar um setting tipo The Culture (livros do Iain Banks) mas mt menos utópico e avançado talvez com uma mistura de Rogue Trader ou Dark Heresy oO.

achei um cado estranho usar d100%%


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